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Revolutionizing the Trade of Goods and Services

World’s first trading platform based on cryptocurrencies

We are thrilled to announce that Coin7 has officially launched, and within just one week, we have surpassed 5,000 downloads without any paid advertising! 🎉

We are building a new Ecosystem, are you with us?

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Our company aims to provide our users with a satisfying experience of buying products from external stores using our mobile app and browser extension. In order to…

Blockchain Database

Blockchain Database

We are committed to providing our users with the best possible experience when it comes to reliable transactions. In pursuit of this goal, our own blockchain technology…

Wallet module

Wallet module

To provide users with a convenient way to keep track of their cryptocurrency, we have created the wallet module as an essential feature of our project. Our…

MLM module

MLM module

Accelerated growth through our multi-level marketing module By using the MLM module, app users can generate additional income streams by building their networks and recommending the app…

Marketplace for Goods and Services

Marketplace for Goods and Services

Our team has been working tirelessly to create the world’s first cryptocurrency-based marketplace for goods and services. We believe that this innovative platform will revolutionize the way…



The Coin7 Cashback Module provides users with the opportunity to receive a percentage of their online purchases as cashback. This system is analogous to the cashback model…

Private Presale Start soon

What is Coin7

Investment Token Coin7

Investment Strategy for Coin7 Token Presale Earnings

Soft-cap Budget Allocation


Product Development

Product development according to the roadmap: Adding new features and enhancing existing modules. Improving the overall security and user-friendliness of the platform.



Establishing the company and its subsidiaries, securing contracts with retailers, and developing legal opinions regarding BitRewards' services and retailers' operations.


Marketing, Sales & Partnerships

Our strategy for growth involves targeted marketing, tailored merchant solutions, and strategic partnerships to build a strong community of users and merchants.



C-level executives salaries.



Meeting exchange requirements and standards, such as liquidity and security measures, which are essential for a safe listing of our token on multiple exchanges.


Technical Requirements

Providing an efficient technical infrastructure which is backed by reliable servers, and maintaining high security levels to ensure smooth operation and data protection.

Our partnerships and supporters

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