Investment Strategy for Coin7 Token Presale Earnings

Coin7 is an innovative blockchain-based platform that aims to revolutionize the way people invest in digital assets. Our plan is to allocate a substantial portion of the capital generated from the presale towards the project, to fund the platform’s growth.

We believe that investing the majority of the presale earnings back into the project is the most effective way to ensure its success. Therefore, we plan to allocate 80% of the funds raised to the following areas:
  • Expansion of the Development Team: To certify that we meet our development timelines, we plan to add ten additional blockchain programmers to our existing team. This will help us advance the framework and assure that our users get the best possible product.
  • Server Infrastructure: We plan to upgrade our server infrastructure to enhance the platform’s performance, reliability, and security. This will enable us to provide a seamless and appealing user experience for our customers.
  • Company Structure: Our intention is to transform our company from a Limited to an AG and create various branches in different countries. By doing so, we intend to broaden our worldwide presence and strengthen our reputation within the industry.
  • Exchange Listing: We plan to list our token on several major exchanges to increase liquidity and improve marketability. This will allow more investors to participate in our project and benefit from its potential growth.
  • Marketing Activities: In our view, marketing plays a major role in our achievements. As such, a substantial portion of our presale revenue will be allocated towards marketing activities. Our primary focus will be on attracting one million app users as quickly as possible, using the following strategies:

Social Media Marketing: Our company will establish a strong presence on various social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We will regularly post updates and engage with our target audience to create brand awareness and attract new users.

Influencer Marketing: We will collaborate with influencers who have large and engaged followings and leverage their communities to promote our app.

App Store Optimization: It is the company’s objective to optimize the app for relevant keywords in order to increase its visibility and ranking within the app store.

Paid Advertising: Paid advertising on different platforms, including Google Ads, is one of the planned strategies to enhance user acquisition and boost traffic towards our app.

Content Marketing: Creating regular blog posts, videos, and other content is the approach we take to share information and engage our target audience to participate and generate traffic to the app.

Email Marketing: To inform our users about upcoming features and updates, we will build an email list and send regular newsletters.

Events and Webinars: Our app will be presented occasionally at both virtual and physical events, to reach our target audience and demonstrate how our app can benefit them.

Partnerships: We will partner with organizations and companies that have similar target audiences to promote and market our app.

App Feedback: Users’ suggestions and concerns will be taken into account in order to continuously improve our app and meet the needs of our audience.

Our confidence in the investment strategy lies in its potential to not only achieve our objectives but also to establish Coin7 as a prominent figure in the digital asset investment sector. We are committed to using the presale funds wisely and delivering a superior product and experience to our users.

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