Executive summary of the Coin7 Project

Coin7 aims to revolutionize the trade of goods and services by building the world’s first marketplace based on cryptocurrencies. The project provides a secure, fast, and cost-effective alternative to traditional payment methods. With its MLM and advertising cashback module, users can generate extra income and actively shape the platform. The mining module allows users to mine coins directly from their mobile device, contributing to their availability in the market and earning coins. The advertising module offers app users a default 50% revenue share of all advertising income, and the MLM module allows users to create additional income streams and build a distribution structure. All earnings are transferred to the wallet module in the form of coins, which will have a sealed paper wallet and payment gateway functions. Coin7 is developing its own blockchain technology with the goal of optimizing both speed and security, while lowering transaction fees, resulting in a more satisfying experience for the users. The blockchain will be incorporated into the wallet module, allowing users to conduct transactions quickly and without concern about fees or delays.

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