Mining Token

We are currently keeping the name of our token under wraps until it is globally protectedour mining function will run in simulation mode until we launch our own blockchain. During the testing phase, the “Mining Token” generated in simulation mode will be sent to the user’s wallet as real coins, ending the simulation mode and transitioning to real mining. We will only provide a certain amount of coins for mining each day, which will be distributed among app users who have chosen to mine. As the daily limit and the number of app users increase, the amount each user can earn through mining will decrease. However, the value of our company and thus the value of our “Mining Token” will also increase with the increase in app users.
We will periodically provide a certain amount of tokens for mining each year, with a yearly calculation of the tokens to be released based on the needs and development of the financial market. We will work with our investors and miners to determine the appropriate number of tokens to release to ensure that our mining token remains a stable cryptocurrency. We plan to allocate 20% of our advertising revenue to a secured account, which will be used to invest in various assets, including precious metals and real estate. This strategy will back our mining token with tangible assets, setting it apart from other coins in the market. We will make this information publicly available on our website to ensure transparency and build trust with our investors and miners.
Mining will only be possible through our app, and our mining token will not be available in a presale. We will not own any “Mining Token” at the beginning, but we will be 50% involved in mining. Miners will receive only 50% of the mined coins, and 20% of those coins will need to be distributed to the upper levels in the MLM system. Thus, the miner will receive 30% of the total mined coins. The exchange listing will only take place once a certain amount of coins is available, estimated to be at the end of 2024. We value the input of our investors and miners, and we will incorporate their feedback into our plans to ensure that our mining token remains stable and successful.

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