MLM module

Accelerated growth through our multi-level marketing module

By using the MLM module, app users can generate additional income streams by building their networks and recommending the app to friends and colleagues.
  • Expansion of distribution structure: Users can build their own distribution structures with the MLM module, increasing the app’s reach and growing its user base.
  • Activation: Participants of the MLM module can activate up to 5 levels, depending on how many users they can successfully recruit. In our multi-level system, the more levels that are activated, the greater the potential for additional income streams.
  • Manager functions: Networks can be built and managed effectively with the MLM module’s manager functions. Users can control their networks more effectively using tools such as sales reports, analytics, and incentives.
  • User-Interface: Our MLM module’s user interface is simple and easy to use, allowing anyone to build and manage their own distribution network, regardless of their network marketing experience.
  • Integration: Initially, the MLM module will be available for the mining and advertising modules, but it will also be available for future modules, leading to seamless integration and a better user experience.

Overall, our MLM module offers a range of benefits for users. These benefits include additional income streams, expansion of distribution structure, activation of up to 5 levels, manager functions, a simple user interface, and compatibility with other modules.

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