Browser Extension

Our primary objective is to offer our users an effortless and hassle-free way to access Coin7. To achieve this, we have chosen to create a browser extension that lets users access the Coin7 Mobile App directly from their web browser. This whitepaper details our plans for the browser extension and explains our approach for perfectly integrating it with various popular web browsers.

Development of the Browser Extension: Coin7’s Mobile App can be accessed directly from your web browser with our browser extension. A variety of tests will be done to verify that the extension perfectly works with popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Additionally, we will make sure that the extension is uncomplicated to utilize and user-friendly.

Implementation of the Browser Extension: The installation of our browser extension is not complicated and functions without any issues in our users’ web browsers. To secure a successful installation process, we will collaborate closely with the developers of various web browsers to ensure that the extension meets all the essential criteria.

Improving User Experience: Once the browser extension has been launched successfully, we will steadily improve its capabilities to enhance the overall user experience. First, we will gather input from our users and optimize the browser extension based on their feedback, then introduce the new features and updates to the community. The extension will stay up-to-date by regularly improving it and confirming that it is compatible with the latest versions of web browsers.

In summary, our browser extension will facilitate direct access to the Coin7 Mobile App from the web browser, maintaining a flawless experience for the users. The extension will be intuitive and simple to navigate. We plan to optimize the user experience by adding more features gradually, making it more convenient for users to access the Coin7 Mobile App at any time. We believe that our browser extension will transform how our users use the Coin7 Mobile App and are excited to introduce it.

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